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I’m an elevator enthusiast as well as an elevator filmer that currently lives in Bali Indonesia. I started to get interested in elevators since I was around 4 years old. My channel (IDLift3000, formerly SchindlerLift1874) is currently the second largest elevator channel in Indonesia, with more than 1800 videos uploaded and 2000 subscribers (as of February 2018).
I mainly film elevators in my current hometown Bali, and often other cities (mainly Jakarta, where I used to lived) in Indonesia.
Not just in Indonesia, but I’ve also film elevators in other countries as well, such as Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and many more.
Filming elevators since January 10, 2009.


New video scheduels:

  • ELEVATOR videos: Every Wednesday and Sunday
  • ESCALATOR videos: Every Monday (if available)

Publish time is based on GMT +8 / Indonesian Central Time (WITA/Waktu Indonesia Tengah)

Since August 2017, new videos from TG97Elevators are now available on my channel. Those videos were recorded by TG97Elevators and were officially given to me as the person have stopped uploading new contents since May 2017. Kindly check my Giveaways From TG97Elevators playlist to see those videos.

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DISCLAIMER: Filming elevators is definitely NOT a crime. I always try my best to not disturbing the public while filming elevators. Please apologise if any inconvenience is occured.

Elevator filming and photography is a very unique yet unusual hobby. May all hobbies AREN’T discriminated! Let out all the things we do and like.

While I may have been in a place or area where I shouldn’t be there, I ONLY filmed the elevators and I DIDN’T do anything bad like damaging the elevators and other things, etc. Again, please apologise if any inconvenience is occured.

All of my videos are just for the sake of entertainment for anyone who have an interest in elevators. They are NOT intended for marketing or even illegal stuffs.

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Updated: June 22, 2018