Here are some of my achievements of filming elevators, which are divided into two categories; Completed and To Be Completed.

Completed Achievements

  1. Starts filming elevators and escalators
  2. Filming a service/freight elevator
  3. Filming an elevator with manual doors
  4. Filming an elevator without an inner door
  5. Filming elevators in one of the tallest structures in the world
  6. Filming a destination dispatch elevator
  7. Meetup with other elevator enthusiasts/filmers
  8. Filming elevators that are behind turnstiles/security gates
  9. Finding new places to film elevators
  10. Walking to different places to find elevators
  11. Filmed a Schindler 5500 elevator in Bali
  12. Film elevators with a better HD camera
  13. Gained 50 and 500 subscribers on YouTube
  14. Reached 2 million total views on YouTube
  15. Visiting other cities in Indonesia to film elevators
  16. Visiting other countries to film elevators
  17. Reached 1000 uploads on YouTube
  18. Reached 500.000 views on YouTube
  19. Reached 1.000,000 views on YouTube
  20. Reached 1000 and 2000 subscribers on YouTube
  21. Collaboration with a foreign elevator enthusiast to film elevators
  22. Filming a Schindler Miconic 10, SchinderID and PORT elevator*
  23. Filming an OTIS Compass elevator*
  24. Filming a KONE Polaris/Destination elevator*
  25. Filming a Mitsubishi DOAS elevator
  26. Filming a vintage OTIS and Schindler elevator
  27. Filming a DOVER elevator with Impulse fixtures
  28. Using Trans Sarbagita buses to go to different places in Bali to film elevators
  29. Using Transjakarta to go to different places in Jakarta to film elevators
  30. Using app-based car sharing services (like GO-JEK and Grab Car) to go to places to film elevators
  31. Visiting an elevator company office.

(*) Destination dispatch elevator.

Achievements To Be Completed

  1. Film elevators in all hotels and shopping malls in Bali (that have elevators of course!)
  2. Collaboration with other elevator enthusiasts/filmers in Bali
  3. Filming a ThyssenKrupp DSC elevator*
  4. Filming a KONE elevator with KDS 220 and KDS 330 fixtures
  5. Reached 3.000.000 views on YouTube